Calculating Liner
Allow approximately 1.5’ of overlap around the pond’s perimeter. 3’ included in L & W.
Estimate Gallons
Estimated gallons doesn’t take rock displacement into consideration. A perfect rectangle pond if estimated to have 2640 gallons, but with gravel one has approx. 900 gallons.
Estimated Rock Tonnage In Construction
Because rocks vary in size, use these formulas as general guidelines.
Typical Garden Pond
Surface of pond is constantly skimmed of floating debris. Gravel Allows For: Colonization of bacteria, hiding man-made items for a natural look & allows you to place water plants.
Average Waterfall Flow
A good rule of thumb is to try to achieve 150 gallons per inch of width.
Size Waterfall Reservoir
Benefits of Basin Matrix
Disappearing Waterfall & Stream
Enjoy a backyard waterfall without the pond. Disappearing waterfalls and stream can be any size! Since there is no standing water at the base, maintenance needs are minimal. GROWING IN POPULARITY!
In-Line Pumps
In-line pumps are amongst the most efficient pumps in flow comparison. Ideally used in flooded suction application where pump is located below water level. Can be used as grade level w/ check valve. Avoid placing pump high above grade/pond level. In-line pumps are designed to push water rather than draw water.
Pond Tips 1
Bottom Drain Benefits
Koi Pond Aeration
Aeration is critical to the overall health of your fish and pond ecosystem. Increased Aeration = Increased Turnover = More Effective filtration.
Winter Care For Your Koi And Goldfish

Cover pond with leaf netting to keep out leaves and debri and birds of prey. Check your fish carefully for parasites and bacterial infections and take appropriate action before winter close up. Do not let pond freeze solid, always keep a small area open to let the gasses exchange Example ( floating pond heater) or aeration pump with diffuser stone. Do not chop a hole in the ice, because the sound waves can affect your fish health

Temperature of water in pond – When water temperature is above 55f koi will swim and start to feed normal. When temperature falls below 50f koi begin to slow down and hibernate. At this point do not feed. Provide a natural refuge for your pond fish while they are inactive by placing large diameter plastic or terra-cotta pipe 6” wide or more.

Remember shutting down your pond pump and filtration systems in the winter months vary due to what type of pumps external or submersible. Filtration systems also vary to what type of filters whether they are in the ground filters or above ground systems. If your system requires shut down for the winter months, make sure water is drained in plumbing lines and filters and pumps.

Disappearing Fountain Basin
Easily Install A Water Feature Anywhere.
Algae in Ponds

In the most general terms, pond algae can be divided into two types: Single Cell & String Algae.

Pond Tips 2
Plant Tips
Aquatic plants are an essential part of ponds & water gardens to balance the ecosystem.
Importance Of Water Temps
Fish Feeding Tips