Pond Plants

Marginal Plants or Shallow Water Plants Many varieties are available in Hardy and Tropical. Cattails, Parrot feather, Pickerel Rush, Horsetail Rush, Water Iris (yellow, blue, purple, pink). Dwarf Bamboo, Papyrus, Umbrella Palm. Many more varieties are available. Floating Plants – most common are the Water Lettuce, Water Hyacinth are available in spring and summer. For more information, visit waterscapesnursery.com. * Wholesale only
Plants/Fish 1

Hardy Water Lilies

Available in Red, Pink, Yellow, White
Plants/Fish 2

Tropical Water Lilies

Available in Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, White
Plants/Fish 3

Night Blooming Water Lilies

Tropical Water Lily Available In Pink, White

Pond Fish

Japanese Koi of all sizes available from 3” – 20” They can be a special order by size and color. Domestic breed Koi or top quality Imported Koi . Koi are available in many color patterns and sizes please email or call for availability in size and price.

Goldfish many varieties and sizes are available such as common comets, shubunkins, fantails, Catfish, Please call or email for availability.

Koi Health And Water Quality

Just as your immediate environment can have a pronounced effect on your health, the water conditions in your pond have a major effect on the fish living there. If the water quality is poor, it will have a negative effect on the fish’s health, and this can lead to serious illnesses.