Yumota 5 Chamber FRP

The FRP Filter Tank has been marketed in Europe for more than 10 years and Garden Pond Service is an exclusive distributor in the US. The FRP Filter Tank has quickly become one of the most popular biological filtration systems adopted by hobbyists for their Koi ponds.

The FRP Filter Tanks is based on a special manufacturing system that is a union of handicraft and technology, implemented to make every piece of their tanks meticulously. You'll find all Green Pond Service products to be both structurally and aesthetically sound.

SavioWe would like to introduce this effective, low operating cost, easy maintenance and user friendly filtration system to Koi hobbyists and breeders in North America as an option to provide both cleaner and healthier water for their precious pets.

Maximum Pond Size: 4224 gal
Maximum Flow Rate: 2112 gph
Fittings: 2 inch (50mm) / 4 inch (110mm) Cubic Feet: 30.50
Gross weight: 150 lbs
Product Size: 62" x 24" x 27"
Packing Size: 68" x 25" x 31"

FRP Filtration Features:

  • Solid FRP (Fiberglass) Filter Tank with various capacities
  • High efficiency biological filtration system with minimum/easy maintenance
  • Both pump fed-in water and gravity fed-in water types are available
  • Bottom drainages with valves for individual segments (selected types)
  • Easy DIY installation

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